What is a durable label?

A durable label is one that has a high performance of adhesiveness and readability, designed to withstand high temperatures, exposure to chemicals or other hostile circumstances in different industries. Generally, it is used in the automotive, industrial, electronic and home appliance sectors, however, its applications are variable. 

An important issue regarding the manufacture of durable labels is verifying that suppliers comply with UL regulations, that is, that their materials are safe, durable and resistant, so that a client can be sure that their final product has passed quality tests. .

The main durable labels in which regulations and special requirements are applied are:

  • Electronic devices
  • Home appliances 
  • Automotive

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The UL standard for durable labels issued by Underwriters Laboratories Inc, where they not only certify, but also create standards and requirements for all materials to be safe in a product. With this standard it is verified that the durable labels really comply with a high performance adhesion and legibility before different exposures.

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