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Ribbon for printing

Thermal Transfer

Ink ribbons for thermal transfer printing, better known by the term "ribbon" are those heat-sensitive consumables that allow printing on a substrate through a head with a certain temperature.

The printing ribbons that we offer are suitable for different applications, such as: distribution, logistics, electronics, cosmetics, automotive, among others. 

We have:

  • Wax
  • Resin
  • Wax – Resin
  • Textile
Ribbon para impresión

In industries there are common uses where thermal transfer prints are required. That is why we offer solutions that are safe, legible and resistant according to your need.

The printing ribbons have excellent multi-substrate compatibility and heat sensitivity that generates great sharpness and printing precision.

We are ribbon suppliers of the brands:

Great print quality for all types of barcodes and has wide compatibility with paper labels, however, it has a variety of applications. 

Perfect print quality and rub resistance. It is designed for demanding applications in high temperature environments or exposure to solvents. Generally applied in laboratories, industrial labels, electrical components, chemical products, among others.

This ribbon is a combination of wax and resin based ingredients. It responds to a wide variety of printing needs, such as logistics, production or distribution. It can be printed on paper labels, synthetic labels, and flexible packaging films. Chemicals, among others.

It allows long duration and high legibility. The textile ribbon is used for clothing labels with washing instructions and general information on the garment and/or article. 


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