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Vertical Storage for Industries

In large industries, the use of space turns out to be something of the utmost importance and more so when materials or products are constantly handled. The vertical storage offered by VIDIR consists of making the most of the vertical space through motorized carousels. 

Storage carousels are designed to facilitate inventory and storage, directly impacting productivity.


  • Significantly increases storage capacity.
  • Item retrieval becomes more efficient.
  • Greater use of time due to the prompt response of item recovery and greater precision of available inventory.
  • Increases worker health and safety by avoiding bending or carrying items for storage.
  • Storage carousels can be equipped with inventory control solutions from VIDIR, for real-time storage data.

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Types of Storage Carousels:

  • Textile carousel
  • Cable carousel
  • Slide carousel
  • Clothing carousel
  • Tire carousel
  • Paint can carousel
  • Carpet carousel
  • Reel carousel
  • Shelf carousel

Any storage tower will increase productivity and ensure better item storage, retrieval and inventory.  Averigua el impacto de los carruseles de VIDIR con nosotros. 

Store, retrieve and dispense safely!

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