RFID tags: supply chain technology

Labels play a crucial role in organization and efficiency in a company. It provides essential information to properly identify, control, manage and distribute products or parts. Its use helps to improve productivity, reduce errors and guarantee the traceability of stored products.

Currently, more and more companies have decided to opt for RFID technology in their supply chain. This technology allows a significant improvement in the productivity of a company, automating production and logistics processes.

"RFID is a product identification system that may appear similar to a traditional barcode, however, this technology uses the image to identify a label attached to a product. RFID uses radio waves to communicate with a microchip, which has a large data storage capacity". - TENIPESA

RFID tags are intended to communicate with RFID readers or scanners to provide product information. All these cards placed on merchandise have a unique code that allows identification without errors and without the need to have a line of sight between the labels and the RFID scanner. Therefore, this technology makes it possible to identify and transmit information about an object through radio frequency.

Certainly, this technology requires different complements for an optimal function and at Grupo Empresarial CT we can provide you with information on each of them, so that their need in the supply chain disappears, obtaining greater productivity and reducing the effort of the operators.

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Advantages of RFID:

  • Every RFID tagged product has a unique code to identify it.
  • Allows multi-product reading simultaneously
  • Your data reading is faster, more efficient and more secure.
  • Reduces distribution and production costs.


  • Logistics and inventory control
  • Feeding
  • Hospitals
  • Credit cards
  • Libraries
  • Cattle raising
  • Stores
  • Among others

Según TECNIPESA, “la tecnología RFID permite conocer el estado del producto en cualquier lugar y momento, en tiempo real”. Conoce más sobre este etiquetado inteligente con Grupo Empresarial CT y permítenos guiarte en la implementación de esta solución de etiquetado.

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