Utilidad de los códigos QR

QR codes are a very popular element that has facilitated access to more information about a specific product or service. youienen la capacidad de brindar respuestas rápidas y su lectura es realmente sencilla (a través de un dispositivo móvil, ya sea con la cámara o aplicación).

What is the use of the QR code on the product label?

Due to the information capacity of a QR code, they are used in industries, specifically in the food sector. Having a smart label increases the level of quality and service offered to the consumer, since it is no longer just about the reach that is available with traditional labels, but rather, the breadth of information that can be provided if it appears on labeling a QR code. Basically, the use of the QR code in the products is to provide advice, instructions, nutritional information, links to websites or even a suggestion box, all of this in just one printed code.

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Including the QR code on the label is a clear sign of differentiation in the market, since a different label is offered that improves the user experience when having the product in their hands. In this way, we can attract and convince potential customers, because without even purchasing the product they have access to a QR code that will allow them to get to know the product they could buy.

In addition, we must not forget that QR codes are a current element that involves us in digital environments and represents an advantage in the market.

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